About Our Studio.

The Bar Method Tampa [Westshore] opened in January of 2013 by Jenny Augustyniak.  It is the first in the Tampa Bay area but the 69th to open in the country.  It has quickly grown from its small beginnings with 3 instructors (including Jenny), to providing 38 classes a week – all expertly taught by 8 staff instructors.

Jenny took her first Bar Method class at the studio in South Miami.  She appreciated the combination of strengthening and lengthening that was happening to her muscles.  She also found it important that the movements were developed with a physical therapist to be very safe as she was battling serious knee, back and hip issues from dancing and running most of her life.  After regular classes quickly impacted her muscle tone and joint pain, she decided that she wanted to bring The Bar Method to Tampa!

Today, clients comment on the “feel” of the studio: that the staff and the other clients make the place feel like more of a community than a workout facility.  Jenny is thrilled to be helping others change their bodies and feel better!

“I fell in love with this workout and thoroughly enjoy introducing it to others so they can fall in love too.”
~ Jenny Augustyniak, Studio Owner & Instructor