New Clients.

Welcome New Clients!

We love new clients, and we want you to love The Bar Method Tampa too! We have a New Client Special that is only $99 for 30 days of unlimited classes. For less than the price of 4 classes and as low as $8.25 per class when you attend 3 times per week as recommended, you will begin to see changes in your mind and body.

This introductory offer is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the workout, start to feel the benefits and see the results…at an amazing price! New clients that take class consistently typically begin to see results by the end of this 30-day period.

The $99 New Client Special is available for purchase online and at The Bar Method Tampa to all clients who have never purchased an unlimited package with us before. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy unlimited classes at a great price. This package is for exclusive use at The Bar Method Tampa studio, is limited to one purchase per client and is non-transferable once activated. Freezes and extensions are not permitted.

How do I start?

Create an online account and buy now!

Select and purchase the New Client Special for $99. Your package will activate the day of your first class, not the day of purchase. (You may also purchase a single class, which can be applied towards a New Client Special after your first class.)

Reserve a class up to three weeks in advance. If it fits your schedule, we highly recommend coming to a Level 1 class for your first time. Arrive at least 15 minutes early. You will not be able to join your first class after it begins.

Bring socks, water, workout pants (that cover your knees) and any top that covers your midriff. Make sure you have had something light to eat 1-2 hours before class. Please note, gum and cell phones are not allowed in class.

Congratulations! You are one-step closer to sculpted arms, flat abs, long lean thighs and a lifted seat!

Which class should I take?

Call or email us for help finding a class that’s right for you! Here is a breakdown of what each of our classes entails:

Level 1 is an excellent place to start understanding of Bar Method form or perfect it! Level 1 moves at a slower place than our Mixed Level classes and the class cues provide more insight into each exercise. Level 1 is challenging yet doable for all fitness levels.

Mixed Level classes are appropriate for all fitness levels. These classes move at a slightly faster pace than Level 1 while still offering a focus on safety and effectiveness through thorough setups and form adjustments. Instructors encourage clients to work at their own pace throughout class and give individualized attention to ensure that clients are doing so in a safe and effective way.

Bar Express is a supercharged 45-minute class to get you sculpted and back to the office, car line pickup or the day’s errands right on time. While this safe & effective class is designed for clients of all levels, because of its fast pace we suggest taking at least one Level 1 or Mixed Level class prior to attending Bar Express.

Level 2 participants must take 20 or more Mixed Level classes first. Level 2 moves at an accelerated pace and requires a solid understanding of Bar Method form to ensure clients are able to keep up, work safe and effectively all while getting a great workout!

Bar Move participants must take 20 or more Mixed Level classes first. Bar Move moves at an accelerated pace and requires a solid understanding of Bar Method form to ensure clients are able to keep up, work safely and effectively all while getting a great workout! It’s fast, sweaty and cardiovascular! Once you’ve hit the 25 class mark, we suggest adding it to your regular routine 1-2 times a week to amplify your results.

New Client Policies

We strongly recommend signing up for a class and reserving your spot, as our classes do tend to fill up. Please arrive 15 minutes early to class, allowing yourself time for parking. Admittance is not permitted once class has started. You will receive a brief tour of the facility from one of our staff and meet your teacher.

For safety compliance, new clients who arrive after class has started will not be permitted to participate and will have to wait for the next open class. We cannot allow first-time clients to enter class after it has started.

A late cancel and no show policy applies to the New Client Special. Clients have 1 hour before class start time to cancel. Any class before 9:00 am or the first class of the day must be canceled by 8:15 pm the night prior. Clients are charged $10 each late cancel or no show occurrence after a combined total of 3.

Information for Brides and Moms

New Client – Pre/Post Baby Package!

$400 for 3 months of unlimited Bar Method classes

This package is for expecting moms or anyone within 9 months of giving birth. It is perfect for keeping you happy, healthy and physically fit during your pregnancy or if want to bounce back to the best shape of your life, post baby! The Bar Method was developed with a physical therapist and OBGYN to be safe and effective. The New Client – Pre/Post Baby Package comes with one freeze for up to 3 months.

Prenatal clients – if you have not taken The Bar Method before, you must bring in a doctor’s note stating that you are healthy enough to work out. If you are 20 weeks or more you must do our Prenatal DVD 5 times before coming to your first class in-studio. The DVD is available to “check-out” with any purchase of 5 classes or more. Post 20 week clients will modify parts of class to keep mom and baby safe. The DVD and our guidance before and in class will help you with the modifications.

New Client – Getting Hitched Package!

$400 for 3 months of unlimited Bar Method classes

This package will give you sculpted arms, a toned back and slimmer waist on your big day. 3-5 classes a week will make you look and feel your absolute best! Available to new clients getting married within 1 year. Comes with 1 private class for up to 10 guests.

Injuries and Modifications

The Bar Method was developed with a physical therapist to provide a safe environment for students with varying abilities, strengths and limitations. Clients work at their own, individual levels in a noncompetitive atmosphere. Bar Method instructors are trained in the anatomy and physiology of the Method’s movement and are able to tailor the workout to each student so each client gains the maximum benefit from his/her class. There are modifications for every exercise, so please inform your instructor of any injuries or limitations you have ahead of time.

Want to try a class?

If you’re not sure if The Bar Method is right for you, but want to give it a try, create an account and pay for a single class. If you decide after class that you would like to get more bang for your buck, you can apply your purchase towards a bigger package!

Still not sure? Email or call the studio with questions – 813-304-2644 or